This is the season of the release of an anointing from God to do the work of the ministry as mandated in Isaiah 61;

1. To bring good news to the poor ( EVANGELISM)
2. To comfort the brokenhearted ( HEALING)
3. Proclaim that captives will be released, and prisoners will be freed ( DELIVERANCE)
4. Tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord's favor has come, and with it, the day of God's vengeance
against their enemies ( PROSPERITY)
5. To give them beauty for ashes ( RECONCILIATION)
6. Joy in the place of mourning ( RESTORATION)
7. Praise instead of despair ( PRAISE and WORSHIP)
8. To Bring them to maturity in Christ, so that God will be glorified ( TEACHING )

In order to fulfill this vision, there will be various ministries and programs implemented for the spiritual man, as well as for the natural man.

Pastoral mission:

As Pastor of B. O. W. Ministries, it is my goal to employ principles to integrate the gifts and talents of B. O. W. Ministries
into the fulfillment of the church vision while protecting the ministries that are so important to a healthy church.
To this end, we will see increased involvement, enthusiasm, momentum, and a widespread congregational "ownership" of the vision,
that illustrates the long-range vision of God for our church in a dramatic and visual way.

Church Mission:

It is our sincere goal to be "Jesus" oriented to effectively present Jesus to the world. Through passion, motivation,
direction and purpose we will be able to fulfill the vision.

"That at the name of Jesus, every knee should BOW ..... " Philippians 2:10
Bethel Outreach Worship Ministries, Inc. 2008